Asaatco is recognized as the quality and professional rig mover. The core activity of Asaatco is moving the land-based drilling rigs and hoists between sites and across international borders. Each move requires thorough planning by the Field Superintendents and Supervisors. This ensures that proper hazard and effect management programmes are put in place and communicated to everyone prior to the start of the move.

Our system to analyse each job or task is a process that identifies the hazards associated with the work and is a way of eliminating those hazards. Sufficiently trained, qualified and experienced personnel, along with the necessary resources, are assigned to each job to ensure that it is managed safely and efficiently.

Provisions are made for:

  • Location/Road Surveys
  • Rig-Moving Vehicles and Equipment
  • Wide Loads
  • ROP Escorts
  • Repair Facilities
  • Supervisory Staff
  • Communication
  • Emergency Response

Any road or load safety matters are addressed and included in the drilling tender and contract documents. ROP (Royal Oman Police) escorts may be required for traffic control. After completion of the move, a rig move report is made to provide an analysis of key aspects of the move, distance moved, loads moved, HSE matters if any and the comment of the company rig manager.