Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Mr. Tojomon Joseph

Tojomon plays a pivotal role in steering and directing all aspects of the Company which includes strategic planning, quality and health and safety, process improvements, resource allocation and optimization. His academic credentials include Bachelor Degree with MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain. In addition to that, he also possess Honors diploma in System Management. He has more than 20 years’ experience in logistics and transport in Oil and Gas Sector.

Beeran Kutty


Deputy General Manager (DGM) – Mr. Beeran Kutty

Beeran plays central role in finance and operational management and implementing company policy and strategic plans. A Master’s Degree holder with post-graduate diploma in Computer Science, his experience of more than 20 years encompasses the fields of finance and operational management. He has 9 years of experience in the Oil & Gas sector in Oman.



QHSE Manager (QHSEM) – Mr. Alan Atkins

Alan is an HSSE Professional originating from the UK. He has worked in the Sultanate of Oman for 7 years where his focus has been on the Oil and Gas sector, mainly on Safe Construction and Logistics Contractor operations. Alan is a Business Diploma Holder, Nebosh IGC qualified. In addition to that, a Diamond Advanced Driver and former HSE Trainer for an approved PDO Training provider. Alan is the focal point for all of ASAATCO QHSE concerns and matters.



Human Resource Manager (HRM) – Mr. Salim Nasser Khamis Al Tobi

Salim Tobi holds more than two decades of experience in HR management in Oil & Gas Sector. His approach and analytical skills to choose professionals for the Company along with his experience in managing human resource adds to the success and development of the Organization.



Logistics Manager (LM) – Mr. Yassir Abdullah Mohd Al Hadhrami

Yassir Al Hadhrami performs the key role in managing our fleets and the major role in providing vehicles as per the contract requirements. He is having a Diploma in Business & Administration and currently pursuing post-graduation in Logistics Management. He holds more than 14 years’ experience in logistics in major PDO logistics providers in the Sultanate of Oman.



Base Manager (BM) – Mr. Sankaran Nambissan

Sankaran plays leading role in base and operations management. He is a Mechanical Engineer with MBA in Business Strategy and Operation Management. He is having more than 20 years of experience across Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in maintenance, workshop management, oilfield logistics, lifting and rig moves. His operational skills ensure smooth and safe operation during Rig moves and other operations in base and performs a key role in handling the contracts.



Operation Manager (OM) – Mr. Ramdas Vemmanat

Ramdas is the Operation Manager having 20 years’ experience in Indian Air Force and 17 years of experience in Logistics and operation management in India & Middle East. He is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer with outstanding management skills. He plays a key role in managing all the operation and staff management.



Business Development Manager (BDM) – Mr. Ramachandran K.N

Ramachandran is working in the capacity of Business Development Manager to improve Third Party Business and enhance asset utilization. He brings with him 33 years of experience in Operations & Supply chain management in the field of Oil & Gas transportation in Oman to provide valuable solutions to the Organization and customer satisfaction. His asset management capabilities ensures resources are utilized at their optimum potential and fulfil the requirement of clients.



Relationship Manager (RLM) – Mr. Said Mubarak Al Mehri

Said Mubarak is a Mechanical Engineer from Salalah Technical College with 5 years of experience in Oilfields. He plays a crucial role in managing all aspects of operations and business. His strong operational knowledge and practical skills caters to Organizational goals.



Relationship Manager (RLM) – Mr. Rashid Mubarak Al Mehri

Rashid Mubarak is a Mechanical Engineer graduated from Salalah Technical College with 4 years of experience in Oil & Gas Industry. He plays a part in managing and ensuring the rig moves are completed on time. His strong operational knowledge and communication skills along with potent technical aptitude is key to achieving the goals of the Organization.